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The Flight Simmers Creed

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Fant dette på FUIII forumet hos http://www.avsim.com" TARGET=_blank>Avsim.com .Nå går ikke diskusjonene hos oss så heftig for seg som de gjør der (i alle fall ikke alltid [image]http://www.flightsim.no/ubb/images/icons/wink.gif[/image]), og dette tar ikke for seg FS98/2000, men jeg syntes det var så bra skrevet at jeg ville dele det med interesserte:


This was on the PP 99 forum by Geof Applegate and is right on the money;

"The flight simmers creed:"


If a flight sim is like Pro Pilot and covers a decent amount of the world with most geographic details-complain about the screen resolution, lack of world wide coverage, and lack of buildings.

If a flight sim is like Fly and provides worldwide coverage and high resolutions-complain about the lack of geographic detail and slow frame rates.

If a flight sim is like FuIII and provides photo real detail, many ground objects, and high resolutions-complain about the small coverage area and slow frame rates.


1)If no taxiways at airports are provided which produces higher framerates-complain about lack of taxiways. If taxiways are provided which slows framerates-complain about slow framerates-find a way to remove the taxiways!

2) If dynamic scenery is not provided-complain about the lack of it. If dynamic scenery is provided-find a reason to complain e.g. some of the planes in fuIII don't put their landing gear up after takeoff.


1) If a flight sim is like Pro Pilot and provides the most needed instruments on one screen-complain about the missing ones (and throw in low screen resolution whenever possible).

2) If a flight sim is like Fly and provides all the needed instruments-complain about the scrolling screen and find a few that don't work.

3) If a flight sim is like FuIII and concentrates more other aspects of flying than realistic cockpits-complain about the cockpits realism-ignore the other features.


On all the sims you can usually find an instrument that doesn't quite work right-complain! Do ignore the ones that are modeled extremely well-they don't matter.


1) If a flight sim is like Pro Pilot and produces smooth and fast frame rates-complain about the resolution, lack of dynamic scenery, and buildings.

2) If a flight sim is like Fly and supports high screen resolutions, models more instruments than any other sim, and allows adding high resolution scenery-complain about the frame rates-especially complain about the scenery that is designed for free by hard working users causing low frame rates

3) For FuIII just complain about frame rates-even if for much of the time it is Ok. Find a way to max out all of its' features, record a low frame rate, and then imply this is the standard.

Past, present , Future:

1) If a flight sim is like Pro Pilot and is designed to run on all computers well-complain that it doesn't support the newest technology; that it is dated, and of course that it is Beta software

2) If a flight sim is like Fly and is designed to run on present power machines-complain that it doesn't support low end machines; and even though you can turn down features to get reasonable performance that you shouldn't have to, and that of course it is Beta software

3) If a flight sim is like FuIII and designed to run on present machines if features are turned down, and future machines if all features are turned up-complain that you shouldn't have to turn down features and that you shouldn't have to buy new hardware to run it at its' max, and of course that it is Beta software

Company support:

1) If a company like Sierra issues a flight sim with bugs-admits them and then commits to a program of regular patches-complain of conspiracy, then complain that the patches do not come out fast enough. If a patch like the European scenery is more of an improvement than a patch complain about the time needed to download it. Ignore what was patched and instead find a few things that were not-complain about these.

2) If a company like Tri issues patches on a several day basis-complain that they aren't perfect-make them stop this nonsense and withdraw to less regular patches-then complain that the patches don't come out frequently enough. Ignore what was patched and instead find a few things that were not-complain about these.

3) If a company like Looking Glass devotes all its' resources immediately into looking into problems and issues a simple statement letting people know that is what is happening-complain that they are not spending more time answering all of our posts.


Assume that the sim will work perfectly on your computer-even though there are many games sitting on your shelf that you were never able to get to work at all. If you have a 32 bit video card for instance-complain that Pro Pilot doesn't support it or its resolutions. If you have a 16 bit video card-complain that the clouds in Fly on your computer don't match what is shown on the box in 32 bit. Insist that any problems with your video card or joystick must be the sims fault-even though new drivers are issued on a regular basis.

Pre market:

Complain when the product is invariably late-make sure you add to the marketing hype by your own speculation and hype about possible features-then when it comes out complain that it came out too early and doesn't meet those expectations!

Posting Guidelines:

Make sure that you are rude and insulting when addressing companies-this also applies to posters that find any merit in the program. This is the Internet after all-with road rage you actually see the persons face as you flip them off-on the Internet you don't have this limitation so anything goes-let it loose-get rid of all of your frustrations!


Companies are inherently evil and only think about making money-unlike you. When they release the product after years of work-complain that it is beta, they are trying to take advantage of the Xmas rush (even when it is September), and that they are ripping off the consumer. After all, they should be trying to produce for $40 a complete flying experience that will give us hours of enjoyment-vs. a real airplane that costs thousands of times that and in a typical trainer would only give us about ½ hours usage. Make sure that you hold this $40 program to the same standards as that $40 pokeman cartridge you just bought your 11 year old-even though it probably took a couple weeks to write the code for pokeman vs. 3-4 years for the sim.

When a company withdraws a product like Pro Pilot finally after several years of difficulty it-complain again-they should be in this whole thing for altruistic purposes.


Make sure you complain visciously and loudly enough that people will not attempt to try any of these products and assure that the product will eventually become extinct-that is in our best interests. Assure that no future company will want to even attempt to try to make a flight simulator-that also is in our best interests."



Bjørn Olav Henjum


[Edited by Bjørn O. 05-10-1999.]

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