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Airbus A320neo Upgrade

Sven M J

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@AdenFlorian AdenFlorian released this 6 hours ago · 311 commits to master since this release


  • [ADIRS] Added ADIRS knob functionality
  • [ADIRS] Added ADIRS ALIGN light functionality
  • [ADIRS] IRS alignment affects PFD and MFD displays and indicators
  • [ADIRS] IRS alignment affects TAT and SAT indicators on lower ECAM
  • [ADIRS] IRS alignment time dependent on latitude
  • [ADIRS] IRS alignment time remaining displays on upper ECAM
  • [BRAKES] Brake gauge now properly reflects status of toe brakes and parking brakes
  • [CHRONO] Added basic chronometer functionality
  • [ECAM] Added full APU Bleed functionality to APU ECAM page
  • [ECAM] Added F/CTL ECAM page with support for elevator, aileron, and pitch trim movements
  • [ECAM] F/CTL ECAM reflects current ELAC and SEC status
  • [ECAM] Lower ECAM automatically switches to DOOR page when a door is opened
  • [ECAM] Lower ECAM automatically switches to APU page when APU master is switched on
  • [MFD] Added range change indicator to navigation display
  • [MFD] Added GPS status to navigation display
  • [MISC] PFD, MFD, and ECAM displays now present a self-test upon powering up
  • [MISC] PFD, MFD, ECAM, and MCDU displays no longer work only on battery - require external power or APU/engine generators
  • [MISC] Added seatbelt sign switch functionality
  • [MISC] Added no smoking sign switch functionality (full range of motion currently restricted)
  • [MISC] Added moveable dummy knobs for cockpit, fwd, and aft cabin air conditioning controls
  • [MISC] Added full (non-interactive) checklist
  • [SOUND] Added chimes for seatbelt and no smoking switches


  • [APU] APU start and flap logic adjusted
  • [APU] APU EGT is now adjusted for ambient temperature
  • [APU] Smoothened APU EGT curve
  • [APU] APU bleed now momentarily drops when bleed valve is opened
  • [BRAKES] Fixed accumulator pressure changing when on battery
  • [BRAKES] Autobrake is now off when starting cold-and-dark
  • [ECAM] APU gen arrow now only shows when APU connected to bus
  • [ECAM] APU 'FLAP OPEN' no longer displays instantly but reflects actual flap opening time
  • [ECAM] Bleed ECAM page implemented
  • [ECAM] Initializes on DOOR page instead of FUEL
  • [ELEC] Battery display is now always on and displays battery voltage instead of main bus voltage
  • [FCU] Altitude selection knob no longer requires explicit push/pull interaction to update new altitude target
  • [FCU] Increased size of managed mode indicators
  • [FCU] Adjusted alignment of altitude and vertical speed displays
  • [FMA] Corrected '1FD2' to '1 FD 2' on FMA
  • [FMA] Fixed 'SPEED' appearing whilst on the ground and A/THR requiring AP
  • [FMA] Fixed various issues with thrust modes appearing incorrectly
  • [FMA] Fixed thrust modes appearing when in GS or VS modes
  • [FMA] Fixed 'SRS' appearing as armed, fixed 'SRS' disengagement conditions
  • [FMA] 'SPEED' no longer appears with autopilot/auto-throttle disengaged
  • [FMA] 'NAV', 'CLB', and 'DES' no longer appear with flight directors disabled
  • [FMA] Fixed 'SPEED' and 'MACH' flickering at cruise
  • [FMA] Improved 'OP DES' and 'OP CLB' trigger logic
  • [FMA] Fixed 'CLB' and 'DES' appearing at incorrect times as well as on ground
  • [FMA] Fixed 'NAV' not appearing with AP disengaged
  • [FMA] Fixed 'ALT' in blue not appearing when changing altitudes
  • [FMA] Fixed 'ROLLOUT' appearing after leaving the runway
  • [FMA] Fixed 'GS' appearing with no FD's active
  • [FMA] Fixed 'A/THR' appearing enabled on the ground
  • [FMA] Fixed 'MACH' appearing on the ground
  • [FMA] Fixed 'SPEED' and 'MACH' not appearing in some situations
  • [FMA] Fixed 'THR LVR' and 'THR IDLE' not appearing in some situations
  • [FMA] Decreased sensitivity for 'THR CLB' appearing on the FMA.
  • [FMA] Fixed 'THR IDLE' not appearing when descending
  • [FMA] Fixed 'THR LVR' appearing when in cruise phase
  • [FMA] Fixed 'SPEED' not appearing with AP off but A/THR on
  • [FMA] Fixed AP and FD FMA modes appearing green instead of white.
  • [FMA] Fixed 'FINAL APP', 'LAND', 'FLARE', 'ROLLOUT' appearing with FD off
  • [FMA] Fixed a situation where 'SPEED' wouldn't appear
  • [FMA] Fixed 'HDG' appearing when on the ground
  • [FMA] Fixed 'SINGLE' and 'DUAL' not appearing on ILS approaches
  • [FMA] Fixed 'CAT' not appearing on FMA, improved logic to match ICAO criteria
  • [FMA] Corrected logic for engaging ILS categories
  • [FMA] Improved A/THR FMA modes logic.
  • [FMA] Improved logic for 'CAT' modes on ILS approaches
  • [FMA] Added support for 'ALT G/S' armed FMA mode
  • [FMA] Improved CAT logic on FMA
  • [LIGHTS] Brightness knobs for PFD, MFD, ECAM, FCU, and overhead panel are turned down when spawning cold-and-dark
  • [LIGHTS] Reduced ambient cockpit lighting
  • [LIGHTS] Change minimum brightness to 0 on all displays
  • [MISC] Improve phase change logic
  • [MISC] Change initial FLT states
  • [MISC] Fixed engine selector on crank when starting in-flight or on approach
  • [MFD] Adjusted look of wind arrow on navigation display
  • [PERF] Overpowered engine thrust reduced
  • [PERF] Fuel consumption improved
  • [TEXTURES] Adjusted textures for panels, pedestal, and cockpit decals
  • [TEXTURES] Adjusted colors on overhead panel


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