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  1. I just completed this quiz. My Score 60/100 My Time 37 sekunder  
  2. Kan være lurt å følge med på siden dems, siden det kommer ofte oppdateringer til Neo'en http://www.flybywiresim.com/
  3. Kan en admin flytte emne til MSFS2020 - Utvikling?
  4. Kan en admin flytte emne til MSFS2020 - Utvikling?
  5. This mod by DRF30q to the default C152 makes numerous changes to engine performance and other aspects of how the aircraft flies. The installation does not create a new aircraft selection in the simulator. The modifications are applied to the Textron Aviation Cessna 152. Once the package is installed in the community folder, selecting this aircraft in the sim should load the C152X Mod aircraft. Some Of The Current Improvements (Not Exhaustive) Modified stall speeds flap up/flap down in accordance with published information. Aircraft will now stall at a significantly higher speed. Numerous changes to engine performance, now in accordance with Lycoming O-235L2C (115HP, 2700RPM) See note below. Fuel consumption adjusted. Long Range Fuel Tanks 37.5USG total useable. See note below. Fuel Gauges correctly calibrated. Fuel Gauge indications will vary realistically in out of balance flight (depending on quantity of fuel in tank) and also on the ground when the aircraft is not wings level. Flight tested to verify climb, cruise, service ceiling, fuel consumption etc in accordance with published information. Oil Temperature Gauge - gauge calibration and oil temperature modelling adjusted. Oil Pressure Gauge - gauge calibration and oil pressure modelling adjusted. Electrical system - completely remodelled, using documented electrical loads etc. Now models realistic battery discharge/charge and subsequent electrical system behaviour. If battery goes flat, various systems will fail at various voltage levels as the battery discharges. Ammeter - gauge calibration and behaviour. Low voltage light now comes on below ~ 1000 RPM as in real life. OAT thermometer now operates regardless of the position of the master switch. The overhead (Dome) light can now be dimmed by the dimmer knob below the pilot control yoke. https://github.com/DRF30q/C152X
  6. V0.2.0 AdenFlorian released this 6 hours ago · 311 commits to master since this release Added [ADIRS] Added ADIRS knob functionality [ADIRS] Added ADIRS ALIGN light functionality [ADIRS] IRS alignment affects PFD and MFD displays and indicators [ADIRS] IRS alignment affects TAT and SAT indicators on lower ECAM [ADIRS] IRS alignment time dependent on latitude [ADIRS] IRS alignment time remaining displays on upper ECAM [BRAKES] Brake gauge now properly reflects status of toe brakes and parking brakes [CHRONO] Added basic chronometer functionality [ECAM] Added full APU Bleed functionality to APU ECAM page [ECAM] Added F/CTL ECAM page with support for elevator, aileron, and pitch trim movements [ECAM] F/CTL ECAM reflects current ELAC and SEC status [ECAM] Lower ECAM automatically switches to DOOR page when a door is opened [ECAM] Lower ECAM automatically switches to APU page when APU master is switched on [ECAM] Added ECAM memos 'OVERSPEED', 'GND SPLRS ARMED', 'SEAT BELTS', and 'NO SMOKING' [MFD] Added range change indicator to navigation display [MFD] Added GPS status to navigation display [MISC] PFD, MFD, and ECAM displays now present a self-test upon powering up [MISC] PFD, MFD, ECAM, and MCDU displays no longer work only on battery - require external power or APU/engine generators [MISC] Added seatbelt sign switch functionality [MISC] Added no smoking sign switch functionality (full range of motion currently restricted) [MISC] Added moveable dummy knobs for cockpit, fwd, and aft cabin air conditioning controls [MISC] Added full (non-interactive) checklist [SOUND] Added chimes for seatbelt and no smoking switches Changed [APU] APU start and flap logic adjusted [APU] APU EGT is now adjusted for ambient temperature [APU] Smoothened APU EGT curve [APU] APU bleed now momentarily drops when bleed valve is opened [BRAKES] Fixed accumulator pressure changing when on battery [BRAKES] Autobrake is now off when starting cold-and-dark [ECAM] APU gen arrow now only shows when APU connected to bus [ECAM] APU 'FLAP OPEN' no longer displays instantly but reflects actual flap opening time [ECAM] Bleed ECAM page implemented [ECAM] Initializes on DOOR page instead of FUEL [ELEC] Battery display is now always on and displays battery voltage instead of main bus voltage [FCU] Altitude selection knob no longer requires explicit push/pull interaction to update new altitude target [FCU] Increased size of managed mode indicators [FCU] Adjusted alignment of altitude and vertical speed displays [FMA] Corrected '1FD2' to '1 FD 2' on FMA [FMA] Fixed 'SPEED' appearing whilst on the ground and A/THR requiring AP [FMA] Fixed various issues with thrust modes appearing incorrectly [FMA] Fixed thrust modes appearing when in GS or VS modes [FMA] Fixed 'SRS' appearing as armed, fixed 'SRS' disengagement conditions [FMA] 'SPEED' no longer appears with autopilot/auto-throttle disengaged [FMA] 'NAV', 'CLB', and 'DES' no longer appear with flight directors disabled [FMA] Fixed 'SPEED' and 'MACH' flickering at cruise [FMA] Improved 'OP DES' and 'OP CLB' trigger logic [FMA] Fixed 'CLB' and 'DES' appearing at incorrect times as well as on ground [FMA] Fixed 'NAV' not appearing with AP disengaged [FMA] Fixed 'ALT' in blue not appearing when changing altitudes [FMA] Fixed 'ROLLOUT' appearing after leaving the runway [FMA] Fixed 'GS' appearing with no FD's active [FMA] Fixed 'A/THR' appearing enabled on the ground [FMA] Fixed 'MACH' appearing on the ground [FMA] Fixed 'SPEED' and 'MACH' not appearing in some situations [FMA] Fixed 'THR LVR' and 'THR IDLE' not appearing in some situations [FMA] Decreased sensitivity for 'THR CLB' appearing on the FMA. [FMA] Fixed 'THR IDLE' not appearing when descending [FMA] Fixed 'THR LVR' appearing when in cruise phase [FMA] Fixed 'SPEED' not appearing with AP off but A/THR on [FMA] Fixed AP and FD FMA modes appearing green instead of white. [FMA] Fixed 'FINAL APP', 'LAND', 'FLARE', 'ROLLOUT' appearing with FD off [FMA] Fixed a situation where 'SPEED' wouldn't appear [FMA] Fixed 'HDG' appearing when on the ground [FMA] Fixed 'SINGLE' and 'DUAL' not appearing on ILS approaches [FMA] Fixed 'CAT' not appearing on FMA, improved logic to match ICAO criteria [FMA] Corrected logic for engaging ILS categories [FMA] Improved A/THR FMA modes logic. [FMA] Improved logic for 'CAT' modes on ILS approaches [FMA] Added support for 'ALT G/S' armed FMA mode [FMA] Improved CAT logic on FMA [LIGHTS] Brightness knobs for PFD, MFD, ECAM, FCU, and overhead panel are turned down when spawning cold-and-dark [LIGHTS] Reduced ambient cockpit lighting [LIGHTS] Change minimum brightness to 0 on all displays [MISC] Improve phase change logic [MISC] Change initial FLT states [MISC] Fixed engine selector on crank when starting in-flight or on approach [MFD] Adjusted look of wind arrow on navigation display [PERF] Overpowered engine thrust reduced [PERF] Fuel consumption improved [TEXTURES] Adjusted textures for panels, pedestal, and cockpit decals [TEXTURES] Adjusted colors on overhead panel Removed [LIGHTS] Taxi light no longer bleeds into cockpit [SOUND] Removed 70ft and 60ft radio altimeter callouts [SOUND] Removed overspeed voice warning (master warning chime will still play) https://github.com/flybywiresim/a32nx/releases/tag/v0.2.0
  7. It's been just over two weeks since the launch of Microsoft Flight Simulator and the team continues to transition from release focused work and back into feedback ingestion, bug fixing, and development. Patch #1 (build was released yesterday. Patch #2 has advanced to the final testing phase. While we’re not quite ready to provide a release date for Patch #2, it will be released this month. Patch #2 will have an increased focus on the “in-sim” experience and we will post a complete patch list prior to release. We've also been working on updating our core documents (i.e. Development Roadmap/Feedback Snapshot) to provide greater clarity into how we are tracking and addressing community feedback. Feedback Snapshot – Updated Feedback Snapshot can be found below. Though we are still evolving this document, we felt it important to share with the community to provide better transparency for feedback we are tracking. You should expect changes to the format of the document in the near future to help the community track how we are processing feedback from ingestion to implementation. Development Roadmap – Updated Development Roadmap can be found below. This is another document we are working to evolve over the next few months to capture all the work happening across the franchise. We continue to collect and track feedback across all our external communities. This process of feedback collection and ingestion will continue to evolve as the team works to strengthen the transparency and connection between consumer and development team. As part of this process, we have added a voting feature in our forums to provide another avenue for the community to provide their input into the most important issues. Patch #2 Patch has entered the final testing phase. Team working to define release date pending results of final testing. POR is to release Patch #2 in September. Update on timeline and patch notes will be provided in our upcoming post on 09.10. SDK Update Thanks to the creative energy and passion of the community, we have identified and fixed several issues related to the world editor, in particular linked to custom aerials, projected meshes, airports replacement and airport editing. Custom add-on airports and POIs can be now displayed in the world map and used when setting up a flight plan. We are also happy to see that the community is developing an exporter plugin for Blender, leveraging the standard glTF format that Microsoft Flight Simulator is heavily relying on! On the aircraft side, instruments are improving via support for the legacy XML gauges format (restoring fonts support, fixing several other issues) while at the same time improving support for the new WebAssembly-based system (local mouse coordinates are now accessible to WebAssembly gauges, several issues have been fixed). We are developing a brand new node-based particles effects system, which is an exciting addition to the simulator all-up. SimConnect is also getting some love and we fixed an important performance issue related to it, and we are also restoring missing functionality and better documenting it. Lastly, we keep improving the SDK documentation, and we’ve also worked on documenting the bush trips authoring process.
  8. Jeg har prøvd selv, å glemte selfølgelig å ta backup av den orginale filen, så nå er skjermene svarte i flya, etter jeg la inn kondinga, what to do??
  9. Oh F*** glemte det, my bad https://cdn1.aerosoft.com/paderborn-msfs.php
  10. Features Detailed recreation of Paderborn airport Custom aerial images covering the airport and surrounding area Current runway, taxiway and stand layouts Custom taxiway signage Realistic night time lighting Accurate depiction of the terminal interior Custom jetway models Custom windsock models https://cdn1.aerosoft.com/paderborn-msfs.php
  11. Changelog : Removed INOP property from all ECAM page buttons Added APU ECAM page Added Door ECAM page Added Bleed ECAM page placeholder Fixed fuel consumption Fixed APU startup time Added MODE change indication to Navigation Display
  12. https://orbxdirect.com/product/og20-msfs " Fairways Airport is the perfect general aviation base to sightsee the beautiful nature and historic cities of northern Oregon. Located just 12 Nautical Miles south of Portland, and 35NM west of Oregon's tallest mountain Mt. Hood, it is a fantastic airport to start your adventures and exploration from. With it’s two ~2.800ft grass runways and several hangars it is a place with plenty of life and like minded pilots. The airport has been built from the ground up for the new Microsoft Flight Simulator which results in beautiful graphics and excellent performance. It is also just a stone's throw away from a beautiful Photogrammetry Area which covers Portland and Oregon city in beautiful detail. Key Features Developed from scratch for Microsoft Flight Simulator Custom high resolution PBR buildings 30cm/pixel custom ortho imagery Accurately sloped runways Developed by Mark Silvester and Karl Hoybye "
  13. https://www.msfsaddons.org/liveries/liveries-megapack-v4 Delta - SpeedM!#6579, Zyonix007#0001, Deebz#0759 Spirit - qwe9000 Air China - qwe9000 Saudia - Abdul#5094 Ferrari - Sammi67 Aegean - Cro#0984 & mrmercury Lufthansa - chrīs#3026 Air Canada - davidonthereg Play Airlines - prosecuter Traffic Liveries - Deebz__ Aerolineas Argentinas - tomlaut1980 Air Berlin - tomlaut1980 Air Dolomiti - tomlaut1980 Aurigny - tomlaut1980 Bhutan Air - tomlaut1980 Condor - tomlaut1980 EasyJet - tomlaut1980 Kiribati - tomlaut1980 KLM - tomlaut1980 Pan Am - tomlaut1980 Spirit - tomlaut1980 Thai - tomlaut1980 Iberia - Abdul Vatsim - boop_xyz Alitalia - flirofoto Lufthansa - tomlaut1980 British Airways - qwe9000 RedBull - snom American - Reicito Latam - qwe9000 Lufthansa Old - Ryanosaurus13 [Z-4] American Airlines - Reicito Alaska Airlines - SpeedM! Cathay Dragon - Miggle Air New Zeland - snom QantasLink - Carman1000 Azul - IFR JetBlue - XtremeRealism Studios and flyvblue.net
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